Worth a Look: Dan Winters photographs a Shuttle Launch

The Society of Publication Designers’ awesome blog “Grids” recently did another feature with the photographer Dan Winters profiling one of his latest projects: photographing one of the last Space Shuttle launches for Texas Monthly. The post shows the design work and the original photographs, as well as the backstory behind how the piece came about and how Winters set up the shoot in obviously difficult conditions. It is ridiculously cool, at least for someone like me who has been obsessed with the space program since 4 years old.

Some of the most original pictures of the shuttle program I’ve probably ever seen, especially put together as a photo essay. I wish I had these as huge posters as a kid.

You should also check out this amazing BLDGBLOG post on the history of Spacesuits, tapping in to fashion, culture, urban design, etc. It is an interview with author Nicholas de Monchaux, who wrote Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo, and features some more ridiculously cool photographs of the space program.
And for more Dan Winters see A Photo Editor’s must-read interview: parts One, Two and Three.