Winners announced:’s “Documenting the Global Recession”

Tomasz Tomaszewski - Hades - Winner has announced the winners in the site’s “Documenting the Global Recession” contest. Tomasz Tomaszewski’s story “Hades?,” a story documenting widespread loss of industry and jobs in Poland, took the top prize with honorable mentions going to Khaled Hasan, Michael McElroy, and Shiho Fukada, and the People’s Choice awards going to Matt Eich and David Wells. Lots of great work to see behind those links, but I’m especially interested in the contest being used as a way to generate interest in work addressing the economy. We’ve written previously about tired images of financial crises and the difficulty of photographing something as nebulous and abstract as a recession related to complex financial derivatives. These stories recognized in’s contest humanize complicated international financial issues from a deeply engaged and emotional perspective. Definitely worth a look.

Revisit: The Eagle and the Dragon by Alec Soth

Alec Soth’s work from the US and China from last summer seems downright prescient in hindsight. Time and the New York Times Magazine have been playing catch-up with recent pieces on Cleveland and Detroit. And of course, there’s Anthony Suau’s excellent work from Cleveland, which we’ve recently written about previously, and which just got the Digital Journalist treatment.

And while Soth’s work was created for the Telegraph, the pictures seemed to have vanished from their website, except for a couple of instances. I grabbed the video above, created by the Telegraph, from Exposure Compensation. And a few pictures are available in the Magnum archive.