More Photoshelter Collection fallout

  Dear Friends,

We’re contacting you today with some unfortunate news – we will be closing The PhotoShelter Collection, effective October 10, 2008. 


A lot of people got the email today from Photoshelter announcing the end of the ambitious and inspiring Photoshelter Collection. The Collection-only employees have been laid off, the forums have been closed, and the archive will shut down on October 10. Sad news, indeed. Many people have been weighing in on the news.

There’s a lightstalkers thread, Daryl Lang at PDN Pulse has a story with some quotes from Collection photographers and CEO Allen Murabayashi (who has his own announcement of the closure at Photoshelter’s corporate blog: A difficult decision and refocus).

As always, Jackanory has a bit to say with the aptly titled “Very Sad News”, Rob Haggart weighs in with a brief mention (the comments are the real meat, especially this bit about the venture capital in the project). John Harrington’s got jump with a hint of the usual hard-hitting business angle. Some of the best commentary so far, though, is Vincent Laforet’s account of his visit to the offices today, summarizing what a lot of people felt about their participation in the collection:

When I gave my images over to the PhotoShelter Collection – I knew that I was perhaps hampering my changes of making stock sales – at least initially – relative to giving those same images to the “incumbent player.” BUT IF (sic) FELT RIGHT. Sometimes you do things to benefit just you – at other times you try to do things that might somehow benefit everyone else in the industry along with you…