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On the usefulness of portfolio reviews

What The Photo Professionals Are Saying… from NYCFotoWorks on Vimeo.

Miki Johnson wrote in with some information about the upcoming NYCFotoWorks portfolio reviews. It’s a pretty good reminder of what a face to face meeting can mean and what both the photographer and the art buyer should aim to get out of a portfolio review. In her email, Johnson also forwarded along a few useful tips from art buyers:

  • Wendy Tiefenbacher – Kiplinger’s: I don’t like seeing a wide range of work. Though I don’t mind looking at someone’s portraits AND a personal project. Or still lifes and portraits. Or a book of still lifes, portraits, and a photo essay. I’m not usually interested in someone’s personal history or getting to “know them” unless they were a circus performer or astronaut in a previous life. I would be very interested in someone pitching a story BUT ONLY if they were familiar with my magazine and were pitching a story related to what we do. Not just some random story that has nothing to do with my magazine (which happens to be personal finance).
  • Marianne Butler – Freelance editor: After a meeting, an email or a promo card/note is nice. Photo editors all feel differently about how often to be in touch, so this is just me, of course: I get turned off by “checking in” emails. If there’s a new website, or they’ve completed a new project that they think I should see, then sending another email is cool. Other than that, if I don’t already have a working relationship with a photographer, a few times a year is enough.

Thanks, Miki!