Funny ha-ha: using Google Glass as a camera makes you look like an idiot

We all know that if you wear Google’s new glasses (Google Glass), you are an asshole. Now, Youtube channel Grovo has made a parody video imagining what it would like to actually use Google Glass as a still camera.

I still haven’t seen Google Glass in the wild. While some people think privacy fears relating to having a video and still camera always on are exaggerated, that hasn’t stopped some places from banning the technology preemptively.

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Funny ha-ha: Portrait of an Instagram Artist

We’ve written a bit about iphone photography and photojournalism previously, and now Instagram has taken the photojournalism world by storm. The video (above), by LA improv group Olde Payphone, imagines the studio of a celebrity instagram photographer; while the joke goes on a bit too long, it hits a lot of the right notes.

While we’re on the subject of cell phone photojournalism, be sure to check out Michael Christopher Brown’s recent work from Congo using a phone. Sure, the iphone photojournalism fits in with the current trend, but he uses the phone with good reason for this essay: many of the materials used in producing the phones are mined in Congo.

Don’t get screwed over: What it feels like to be a freelancer (video)

The video above has been making the rounds, and it’s a great insight into what it can be like as a freelancer. While you might not encounter some of the attitudes in the video as a photojournalist, if you venture into other realms of freelance photography (PR, corporate, advertising, weddings, portraiture, etc.) you’re sure to run in to this. The video is part of a campaign called Don’t Get Screwed Over, which offers tips on how not to get screwed over in your freelance business dealings. The campaign also points to Docracy, an open source legal document repository with plenty of useful forms and contracts for freelancers. As with any legal dealings, it’s best to consult a lawyer familiar with your situation and jurisdiction, but Docracy looks to be a good starting point.

And here’s a bonus video, similar to the one above, imagining what it would be like if people treated all business transactions (a drink at the bar, buying a dvd from a store, the barber) the way that vendor/client relationships often happen.

And remember: Fuck you, Pay me!