Worth a look: Simon Wheatley’s “Don’t Call Me Urban”

Simon Wheatley - Don't Call Me Urban: The Time of Grime

Simon Wheatley’s work documenting grime culture in England has long been a favorite of mine. Now, I’m happy to see that a book of the work has been published by Northumbria University Press. The website for the project is worth a look, too. You can buy the hardcover on Amazon: Don’t Call Me Urban by Simon Wheatley.

p.s. While Wheatley is no longer a member of Magnum, there’s a multimedia piece on this body of work still up on the Magnum In Motion site. Well worth a look!

p.p.s. Martin Fuch’s old New York Photo Blog still has a 2005 audio interview with Wheatley up for listening.

UPDATE (8 Feb 2011): Eleanor from Professional Photographer magazine wrote in to let us know that the magazine interviewed Wheatley about this book last year. Worth a read!

Funny Ha-Ha: Angry People in Local Newspapers, Glum Councilors, Probably Bad News

Angry People in Local Newspapers - Comic Relief Pupils Sent Home ProbablyBadNews.com

I spent a year working for medium-sized community newspapers in the midwestern US. Maybe that’s why I like Angry People in Local Newspapers, Glum Councilors, and Probably Bad News (part of the Cheezburger empire), and Media Relations’ Funny Headlines, so much. Angry People in Local Newspapers especially hits home with me, because it was such a common assignment. Maybe the city wasn’t properly clearing snow, or maybe a nearby business put up some garish new signs; somehow, I was supposed to come out of the assignment with a publishable picture communicating local dissatisfaction with something difficult to photograph (or impossible to photograph, in the case of complaints about noise). Ironically, this Angry Citizen of the Week sort of story is one of the great powers of the local newspaper. Once a problem is made known in such a public way, the problem usually gets solved pretty quickly.

(via Metafilter here and here)