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Oops – a video compilation of cameras being dropped

oops from Chris Beckman on Vimeo.

Chris Beckman‘s short “oops” (concept by Billy Rennekamp) is cringe inducing. Oops is composed of disparate footage of cameras being dropped, edited together so it seems like the same camera is dropped, picked up, and dropped again (or attacked by an ostrich, as the case may be).

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Retraction: No ban on dSLRs in Kuwait

Thanks to our reader moayad for pointing out that the Kuwait Times has retracted their story about the ban on dSLR cameras in Kuwait (which we wrote about here). There were no other sources for the story, though it was widely reported, and the Kuwait Times now says the story was just a rumor. There is more information here if you can read it. There is no ban on dSLR cameras in Kuwait.

Kuwait bans DSLR use by non-journalists

UPDATE Nov. 27, 2010: There is no ban. The story has been retracted.

Three government ministries in Kuwait have taken an unusual step and banned the use of digital SLR cameras in public by non-journalists. The Kuwait Times reports about some Kuwaitis wondering what to do with their cameras now that they can no longer use them in public.

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Professor plans to implant camera in back of head

“Wafaa Bilal, an Iraqi assistant professor in the photography and imaging department of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, intends to undergo surgery in coming weeks to install [a] camera” in the back of his head. It’s a conceptual artwork titled “The 3rd I” and is commissioned by a museum in Qatar. The camera will take a picture every minute, and a live feed of the images will be available to view somehow. For further reading on similar subjects, look toward lifecasting, brain-computer interfaces, a Canadian filmmaker who planned to implant a camera in his eye socket (one of the 50 best inventions of 2009, according to Time), a circa 2000 Wired article about a man who wanted to become one with his computer, computer-controlled insects, and a halfbakery musing about a retinal camera.


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Building the future of photography at home: DIY Computational Photography

Futurephotography.com - Large Light Field Camera Array

Futurephotography.com - Large Light Field Camera Array

We’re a ways off from hand-held cameras that can do it, but the future of photography will involve pictures in which the depth-of-field and focus and camera position each can be adjusted reliably and with quality in post-production. It’s a complex mathematical and computational problem, but the power is within reach.

So you want to influence the future of photography? Well, you gotta build a camera, ’cause this future isn’t for sale, yet.” -FuturePicture.com

Futurepicture.com - Demonstration of modifiable depth of field achieved by DIY light field array

Futurepicture.com - Demonstration of modifiable depth of field achieved by DIY light field array

Two enterprising photography enthusiasts have taken a page from MIT‘s and Columbia‘s and Stanford‘s computational photography research labs, and have built their own light field camera arrays, and they’re posting instructions on how to build your own, including a method for achieving the effect with just one camera. Check out much more information and some of the science behind the project at FuturePicture.com.

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Wow: New Canon 5D

“Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 21MP and HD movies”. (Rob Gailbraith has something too it seems, but his site is more or less down as of my posting).

I’m not old, but the pace of technology makes me feel old. It even scares me a little. Weird … but I’m certainly interested in seeing more about this camera. Both M.Scott and I use the ‘original’ 5d (to great effect, eh??). I don’t need to get a new camera anytime soon, really, but this is an interesting thing to wait for.

But man, movies on a still camera?? I don’t know what I think about that…

UPDATE (by Scott): Here’s Galbraith’s post about the camera.