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Whoa! Alec Soth’s blogging again

Little Brown Mushroom Blog

Little Brown Mushroom Blog

After a couple years away from the keyboard, Alec Soth is back to blogging with his DIY publishing operation Little Brown Mushroom. Not much on the blog yet, beyond a somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to LiveBooks call for ideas on the future of the photo book. I hope there’s more to come at the Little Brown Mushroom Blog.

(via Soth’s old blog)

Typepad’s Journalism Bailout Program

Typepad, the blogging platform, has created a journalism bailout program. While getting a free blog and the possibility of revenue from advertisements won’t save journalism, it might get the wheels in motion for more than a few of the recently laid off. It’s a weird approach, and it probably won’t pay your rent for a long time if ever, but it’s worth a try. Here’s a (month-old) announcement on Six Apart’s blog (Six Apart runs Typepad) which talks about how and why the bailout was created and what the response has been so far. (via this AskMetafilter question)