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Our previous blog-to-email subscription service (feedmyinbox) has quit, so we’ve moved over to blogtrottr, which offers much the same functionality. Put your email into the box above or at the top of our sidebar, and you’ll get our posts delivered straight to your inbox as they happen. You can also do this directly at blogtrottr by copying our post feed and putting it into the form at blogtrottr.

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We’re back

Just took care of a spate with some malware on the site. The culprit was an infected wordpress plugin, but it’s been taken care of and I’ve modified the server a bit to prevent this from happening again. Really, it’s a bit of an arms race with malware authors…. This was dvafoto’s first infection and, hopefully, our last. Back to our relatively regular posting.

dvafoto on tumblr

dvafoto on tumblr

We, Matt and Scott, have been using tumblr to show pictures from our travels, projects underway, and archives, but now we’ve started a dvafoto.tumblr. The posts there will be things we’re looking at and thinking about that won’t likely make it here to the main site but that we’re interested in sharing. They’re all the loose threads.

And we’ve been a bit busy with posting before announcing it here; so you can check out the archive of what we’ve posted in the last few weeks.

If you have suggestions on tumblr pages we should be following please let us know, either in the comments below, via our twitter @dvafoto or on our facebook page.