Erica McDonald’s “The Dark Light of This Nothing”

Erica McDonald wrote in a while back. I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time, having first met her through lightstalkers, and hoped she might have a project to share. The selection she sent back, from “The Dark Light of This Nothing” is a beautiful portrait of Brooklyn, both timeless and very much of this moment, a look into what rapidly changing socioeconomics means for the city and, by extension, the country. Here’s what McDonald writes about the project:

Janet: Hi Erica..(kiss)

Erica McDonald [EM]: Hi, Where’s Adele?

Janet: Adele’s inside..Erica, this is my family, that’s uh..Donny, my sister in law, Sharon, Angie…David and that’s my brother John..

EM: You’ve got a good memory.

Janet: I’ve got a good memory, I have 38 nieces and nephews, I have to..this is just a little quarter of it.

EM: I’m trying to get people to talk about what the neighborhood was like and what it is like now and..

Janet: You want some dessert? Steven would know that, my husband would know that, and so would Mary.

EM: No thanks, I’m okay. Yeah, Mary was just talking to me a little.

Anthony: I wasn’t born here..I don’t know anything..

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