Buying the new Canon 5Ds? Support dvafoto with your Amazon or Adorama pre-orders.

Will you be pre-ordering the new 5Ds or 5Dsr cameras from Canon? They don’t come out until June, but you can support dvafoto with your order at Amazon or Adorama. Using our links does not change the price for you. Instead, it just kicks us a small percentage of each sale. We use the money to pay for the costs of running dvafoto.

If you’re buying something else there, use this link for Amazon or this link for Adorama. Bookmark the links and use them whenever you shop at either store.

You can also help support dvafoto with purchases from Think Tank Photo or by signing up for a PhotoShelter account or by purchasing something from iTunes, such as the Easy Release model release app or a Bj√∂rk album. We’ll get a percentage of any iTunes purchase made within 3 days of clicking those links, by the way.

Bookmark any of the above links and use them when buying from these stores in the future. You’ll help keep the light on here.

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