The Talent: Jacque Foo

We receive a lot of submissions of projects to feature on Dvafoto and we want to highlight some of the fantastic work we see. Today we would like to share “Family Day” by Jacque Foo.

The work is presented without captions, but with this introduction written by Foo:

“For many male expat workers in Qatar, Friday is their only rest day.

Friday is also the “Family Day” for many places like public parks, shopping malls, markets, promenade etc. During this day, these places are open for families only – any men without female companion are considered “bachelors” and are not allowed to enter.

Anyone who visits these places on Friday will be familiar with the scene of security guards or police asking bachelors from Asia to leave, but keeping a blind eye to men from the local and Gulf region or Western countries.

As a Malaysian man living in Doha, the scenario above is a common experience for me. Many times I, together with other Asian bachelors, have been told to leave these places while seeing Arab or Caucasian bachelors walking freely to wherever they want to go.

This experience led me to wonder where these bachelors spend their rest day given there are limited places to go on Friday. I hence started following these men to places where they hang out with my camera, and the result is this series he called “Family Day”, containing photos taken between September 2013 and June 2014.”

For more information about Foo and his work, visit his website.

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