Trent Parke’s Minutes to Midnight (possibly) available at Amazon

Trent Parke - Minutes to Midnight (Steidl)
Trent Parke – Minutes to Midnight (Steidl)

Trent Parke‘s books are hard to find. When Alec Soth’s Little Brown Mushroom published the weird little Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the $18 limited edition book quickly sold out and secondhand copies showed up on ebay for $200. Now, Parke’s 2012 book (first published as 19 photos in 2005 by Filigranes Editions), Minutes to Midnight, published by Steidl, appears to be out of stock everywhere. Photoeye has it for $75 on backorder. Magnum has the book for $150 with a proviso that “price will increase as stock sells out.” However, there’s a possible workaround at Amazon.

Minutes to Midnight is listed at Amazon for $33.88 + shipping. The page says that the book is temporarily out of stock, but last week a friend on Facebook said that theirs had shipped. I ordered one on a whim a couple days ago, and just received confirmation that the book has shipped and will be delivered this week. Amazon won’t charge you until it’s ready to ship an item, and you can cancel at any time, so it’s worth placing an order in case they get some more copies in.

You can see images from the project, a roadtrip across Australia starting in 2003, on the Magnum site.

Parke’s previous books, Dream/Life, the Seventh Wave (with wife Narelle Autio), and the Christmas Tree Bucket, are sort of available on Amazon. Dream/Life (images) is $1595, the Seventh Wave (images) is $690, and the Christmas Tree Bucket (images) is only $30.53, as of this writing.

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3 Responses to “Trent Parke’s Minutes to Midnight (possibly) available at Amazon”

  1. Blake

    I’ve been following this book closely since it was published. It was very difficult to find at first and I assumed it was due to go quickly out of print. I’m not sure what’s happened lately —maybe a release of new stock or initial stock finally working through distribution networks? But whatever the case, the book seems easily available now at list price. I ordered a copy mid-January and it arrived a few days ago. Not sure how long this situation will last, but it’s nice for now. It’s a great book.

  2. Matt Lutton

    Update! My copy arrived this afternoon after placing my order on Sunday, and it is gorgeous

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