Leica ad recreates scenes from Robert Capa’s life (and death)

Leica Alma from Sentimental on Vimeo.

This ad (above) is a few months old, but just came across my desk again. Made for the launch of the Leica M-Monochrom rangefinder at the Sao Paulo Leica store, it recreates vignettes from Robert Capa‘s life, including paratroopers landing at Normandy, his relationship with Gerda Taro, and his death by landmine in Indochina (and his final images). The spot is beautifully shot; there’s no wonder why it has won a number of industry awards.

  1. [...] to dvaphoto for pointing out the great advert for the launch of the Leica Monochrom-M at the at the Sao Paulo [...]

  2. Stan B. says:

    You can bet your 8 grand that most conflict photographers out there today will be gallantly going forth into harms way with their Monochrom M’s proudly beside them carrying on the noble Leica tradition of paying through the nose now more than ever…


  3. [...] Leica ad recreates scenes from Robert Capa’s life (and death) (Dva Foto) [...]

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