Funny haha: Photo Contest flowchart

Photo contest entry flowchart - Janna Dotschkal

Photo contest entry flowchart – Janna Dotschkal

If you’ve been following along with our deadline calendar, you know it’s photo contest season. This photo contest flowchart (above) is worth a revisit when you’re taking a break from getting all your files prepped for submission. Good luck!

(flow chart credited to Janna Dotschkal)

  1. Do your photos were made with a camera?
    Yes, go to start
    No, ask if was a google camera?
    no, go to start
    yes, ask if is 2011.
    no, go to start
    yes, ask if have people. If yes go directly to “bring on the accolades”. If no, save your entry fees money.
    By the way. I don’t value well the entry fees awards.


    M. Scott Brauer Reply:

    Great addition, Hernan!


  2. cool web says:

    Don’t forget the cleverly subversive photos. And they don’t even require people!


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