Pre-order now: Theron Humphrey’s Maddie on Things book

Maddie on Things - Theron Humphrey - published by Chronicle Books

It’s funny how a project can sneak up on you. Theron Humphrey, whom we’ve featured previously, was on a cross-country roadtrip photographing a different person each day for This Wild Idea when he started posing his dog Maddie, a coonhound, on and in a variety of ridiculous places. Maddie poses on anything: a basketball hoop, the Statue of Liberty, under a semi truck, on a bike, or as a ghost. This is just the sort of thing that hits the internet’s collective funny/cute bones and the project blew up on blogs and the news media (Slate, Today Show, SwissMiss), tumblr (hundreds of reblogs/likes for each photo), and instagram (~100,000 followers). Eventually it turned into a book deal, and it’s available for pre-order. The book, published by Chronicle Books and which initially cracked the top 1000 on Amazon, will be out in April.

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  1. Jesse Weinberg

    I remember emailing with Theron at the beginning of his cross country project, This Wild Idea. Its amazing to see how that project flourished and other projects grew from it. Big congrats to Theron. And great post DVA.

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