Worth a look: Stanley Kubrick’s centered single point perspective

Matt and I are both big fans of Stanley Kubrick, so I was especially excited to see this video montage (above) exploring centered single point perspective composition throughout the director’s oeuvre. Turn the sound up and hit that fullscreen button.

While you’re on the subject of Kubrick, here are some hi-res 2001: A Space Odyssey promotional and behind-the-scenes images from the film that I ran across recently. Here is some of Kubrick’s photojournalism from Chicago in the 40s (UPDATE 20Feb2015: Original link dead, but seems to have been moved to Mashable), and here’s a post from way back that I did on attempts in film to capture a historical quality of light, including Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon.

There are similar video montages exploring other directors’ hallmarks, as well: Tarantino from below, Wes Anderson from above, Breaking Bad POV, Sounds of Aranofsky.

(via metafilter)

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