Quebec bride drowns during Trash the Dress photo shoot

“A recently married bride wanted to be photographed one more time in her wedding dress. The photo shoot on Friday wound up killing her.” -The Globe and Mail, Newlywed bride drowns, wanted one last photograph in wedding dress

Trash the Dress shoots after weddings have been popular for the last decade or so (google image search with examples), but one such photo shoot recently ended in the death of the bride. A newly-married bride was standing in a river in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada, when her wedding dress began absorbing water. The weight was too much and she slipped on rocks in the water. The photographer and two police officers tried to save the woman, but she disappeared in a stagnant section of the water downstream. Police later explained that though the current was not very strong nor the water very deep, the soaked dress became too much for the woman and dragged her underwater.

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