Worth a look: Punctum magazine – A Pan-Asiatic Point of View

“…photographic representations of Asia, in the hands of European photographers and shaped by Western media, has contributed to producing a catalogue of stereotypes that simplifies and even suppresses the full diversity of visual sensibilities that Asian photography is capable of expressing.

As a consequence, Asian photographers lack a platform that not only profiles their work on their own terms, but also suggests its profound link with native visual idioms. This is preceisely the gap that Punctum hopes to fill.” –Punctum, Editorial Statement

Issue 2 of Punctum magazine, an Asia-focused photography magazine, has just been published, and it’s beautiful. There’s a real variety in both topics and photographic approaches. Based in India and Spain, the magazine publishes work produced by Asian photographers and writers about Asia. The magazine is produced by editor, and OjodePez founder, Frank Kalero, executive editor Lola Mac Dougall, literary editor Rajni George, and graphic designer Inca Roy. Issue 1 is also available via issuu, and according to the media kit, print editions can be found in “large international cities of Asia, Europe and America,” primarily in specialized bookshops, museums, galleries, photography schools, and the mailboxes of art critics.

(via Newsweek’s Picture Department)

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