Innovative book design: A video walk through David Alan Harvey’s “(based on a true story)”

(based on a true story) – book demo from Bryan Harvey Films on Vimeo.

  • There is more than one way to read this Novella
  • It is analog, 3D, interactive (please handle with care)
  • See map 🙂
  • Behind the scenes?

from a postcard included with (based on a true story)

David Alan Harvey, of Magnum and Burn, has a new book coming out, and it looks wonderful. Called (based on a true story) There’s very little text, and the unbound pages of full-bleed pictures blend together across their folds making for visually and conceptually interesting juxtapositions and collages. Can’t wait to see this in person, but the video above gives a good preview. For a couple of bucks, you can also get a look into the making of the book here.

His three previous books, Living Proof, Cuba: Island at a Crossroad, and Divided Soul, are available on Amazon, but the few copies available of (based on a true story) at Sydney’s Head On Festival have already sold out. Hopefully more will be available soon.

(via DEVELOP Tube)

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