Shit Photographers Say

I’m surprised it took so long for this meme to get to photographers, but here it is, by Paris Visone, Tim Kennedy, Chris Sanchez, and Dan Aguirre. It’s in the vein of the original of these sorts of videos, Shit Girls Say, and the many, many derivatives. Don’t forget Shit Liz Lemon Says.

(via Photographs On the Brain)

UPDATE: Looks like there is an earlier (less funny) Shit Photographers Say video here.

  1. [...] (via PetaPixel via dvafoto) [...]

  2. [...] "CRITEO-300×250", 300, 250); 1 meneos Frases hechas de fotógrafos… [eng]  por nonac77 hace [...]

  3. Bryan says:

    OMFG i need to go back to film


  4. [...] in the vein of Shit ___ Say…, Shtuff People Say to Photographers is the natural companion to Shit Photographers Say. This video was produced by the Outward Bound [...]

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