Sol Neelman’s new Weird Sports column at Wired Playbook blog

Modified screenshot of Wired Playbook - Weird Sports by Sol Neelman

Sol Neelman has just started a new Weird Sports column at’s Playbook sports blog. The posts, similar to what you’d find at Neelman’s own blog, are an extended look at a variety strange athletic activities and competitions. Thus far at Playbook, Neelman’s shown us competitive beard growing and a tough guy competition. I’m looking forward to more!

If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up his excellent book, Weird Sports (available at his website with a Luchador mask and print, or through Amazon). And don’t miss Neelman’s account of making the book with publisher Kehrer Verlag.

2 Responses to “Sol Neelman’s new Weird Sports column at Wired Playbook blog”

  1. Stanton Oto

    Thanks for this wonderful post! It has been very useful. I wish that you’ll carry on sharing your wisdom with us.

  2. Poolsharp

    I actually don’t know much about this sport, but isn’t the goal to stay the longest on the rope?

    But anyway, this is a great sport, and an a activity for retreats as well.

    I honestly think the world needs more sports invented basically for the fun of it. Who knows, maybe people who are not athletic really are, but the sport they are good with is not yet invented.


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