Matt Lutton: 2011 in Photos

Here are a few notable and fun things that happened in 2011:

    I was photographed on a wet plate by Boogie for his “Demons” project.

    A story I developed about the Seattle and Sarajevo band Kultur Shock was published in The New York Times.

    My project Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere was published in Issue 08 of 7.7 Magazine.

    On August 15 a selection of my work from the Balkans was featured as the PDN Photo of the Day.

    During the Ratko Mladic arrest story that I followed for a week in May one of my images from Srebrenica was used nicely on the front page of the International Herald Tribune.

    My year finished with a pair of fun assignments for Le Monde Magazine (“The Belgrade of Enki Bilal”) and Financial Times: Connected Europe Magazine (“Regeneration of the Danube”, may require sign-up). You can also see the layout on my website.

I’ve previously published my “best” or more accurately “favorite” photos of the year here on dvafoto in 2009 and 2010. If you’re interested in some of the places where my pictures were published last year, see the clips section of my website, at

Happy New Year to everyone, thanks for following our work here at dvafoto!

  1. Jovana says:

    I love them Mat… they’re absolutely beautiful.


  2. Jovana says:

    Early march =) Can’t wait!!!


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