After gear theft, help This Wild Idea continue

moving forward – a call for help from This Wild Idea on Vimeo.

“On New Years Eve, $6000 in gear (and damage) was taken from my truck. Most heart breaking is that these folks found both of my external drives. Every single image created for the past 5+ months was lost. After spending 3 days hitting in the streets – passing out flyers, talking to the Police, knocking on doors, going to every pawn shop, scouring Craigslist…we have to move on!” –This Wild Idea help page

We last spoke with Theron Humphrey when This Wild Idea was a 30-day lark of a project. He drove around for 30 days and met and photographed a new person each day. It was a great idea, and after a very successful kickstarter campaign, This Wild Idea turned into a year-long project. Humphrey had been on the road for 5 months when tragedy struck on New Year’s Eve. Thieves broke into his pickup in Jackson, Mississippi, and stole his gear and drives. Cameras, lenses, computers, and (most saddening) his last 5 months of work on the project were gone. As Humphrey told a local news report, word on the street is that everything was sold for “40 bucks and some crack.” He’s borrowed some equipment, but he still needs your help to keep the ship afloat.

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3 Responses to “After gear theft, help This Wild Idea continue”

  1. Bryan

    the gear can be replaced but the images on the had drive, what are you going to do there? will you go back and re-create the shots, will you do it differently to maintain the honesty of the shots.

    good luck man

  2. Chelsea

    This touched my heart. I had my car broken into last month and a bunch of gear was stolen. It’s devastating. But images on your external…I’m so sorry. All things work together for good…stay positive my friend.

  3. Dave Goyard

    I am so sorry to hear that.You have lost your images in it, that is worthless and never can be changed with anything.
    Get Tough.

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