Prison Photography on the Road

Our friend Pete Brook of Prison Photography is still on the road, in the middle of a 12-week trip around the United States reporting on prisons and photographers. He funded the trip with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, which you should visit for a wealth of information about his project and the photographers and prisons he will be visiting. While he is publishing regular and remarkable dispatches and podcasts from the road, I also recommend this short documentary produced by Seattle photographer Tim Matsui as a nice behind-the-scenes peek at what Brook has been up to and the substance of his project.

Pete Brook: Prison Photography on the Road from on Vimeo.

It is very exciting to see the fruits of Brook’s labor and we cannot wait to talk with him about the project when he is home. Safe travels Pete.

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  1. Pete Brook

    Thanks for the shout out Matt. Actually closer to the end of that 12 week stint now. Hit a bit of a funk yesterday, which was the first time on the road I’d felt discouraged and then Tim publishes the docu-short and people say nice things to remind that I’m essentially not alone on this trip!. Can’t wait to chat with you guys too.

  2. Tim Matsui

    Matt, thanks for posting the video! It was great to travel (if only for a short while) with Pete and to listen to the conversations he was having along the way. Leaves me even more convinced the work he’s doing needs to be seen and heard. Hang in there Pete!

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