Find copyright violations of your pictures with src-img bookmarklet

The src-img overlay on an image of Hutterite children by M. Scott Brauer

Google Image Search recently received a major upgrade in the form of a search by image function. By uploading an image to the search engine, or using an image url, Google finds images that it thinks are the same or similar. Reverse image search isn’t new–TinEye has been doing it for a while–but Google’s massive indexing capabilities make it a cut above the rest. These tools are useful for finding the source of images online, and for photographers, offer a powerful opportunity to find copyright violations. But uploading an image each time you want to do an image search can be tedious. Enter src-img.

With src-img, a javascript bookmarklet that you drag to your browser’s bookmarks bar, all images on a page are overlaid with a ?¿ link, as in the screenshot at the top of this post. Clicking the ?¿ opens up a Google Image Search on the image (here’s an example from the image above, with a copyright violation I’ve just now found…). It streamlines the whole process.

Now, once you’ve found an infringement, you’ve got to figure out what to do about it. Photo Attorney Carolyn Wright offers both a list of ideas of what to do once your work has been infringed, and, on the PhotoShelter blog, ways you can protect your images from infringement online.

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  1. Luke

    As a webcartoonist this is a *godsend* – thank you!

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