Worth a look (and a few bucks!): Support the Focused Project

Focused Project - camera kit to be sent to photojournalists worldwide

Chip Litherland wrote recently to let us know about the Focused Project, a collaborative effort involving some 200 photojournalists worldwide (including me!). The project needs your help to get off the ground. It’s a fascinating idea…the end result will be a huge collection of decisive moments from all over the world. Here’s how Litherland describes the project:

“Five fully manual 35mm cameras will be pre-loaded with a single roll of film and packed into five separate camera bags. The bags will be shipped across the world from one photojournalist to the next – one in a small town in the middle of the U.S., another among relief efforts in a natural disaster zone, or working the White House press pool. Each photojournalist will get only one click of the shutter. Just one click….After 36 exposures, one roll of film will hold thousands of miles of travel with photo subjects as diverse as the areas they are sent. Frame by frame, the viewer will get a glimpse of the thought process behind making one singular, thoughtful image – all on one single roll of film.”

The project is still in need of funds, and with only a day left for donations, the time to contribute is now. Head over to IndieGoGo to help Focused become a reality.

Read more about the project at the New Yorker Photo Booth blog and at Wired’s Raw File or Focused’s own site.

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