The Life of a Photographer

Andy Spyra showed this to me today, we were both laughing about how true it is. He saw it on this German blog but I don’t know where it comes from originally.

3 Responses to “The Life of a Photographer”

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    […] steder på nettet (bl.a. hos dvafoto) kan man finde denne graf, som viser et typisk karriereforløb for en fotograf. Spøg og skæmt […]

  2. Dan

    It appears to have originated on 4chan’s /p/ photography board, based on some of the language used.

  3. John @FujiFilm_Camera

    It represents only the evolution or the stages that a photographer will become in the years to come but it is not a guarantee that you will become a better photographer because photography is passion. You need to exert efforts to excel in that field, not just taking pictures but also knowledge on how to capture once in a lifetime moments but the emotions will still stand-out.

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