Worth a watch: Stella Kramer’s “In the Loupe” TV

John Botte: The 9/11 Photographs from In The Loupe on Vimeo.

“We won’t always agree, we can’t promise that the show will always be SFW, and you might get pissed off at us from time to time. But we do know what we’re talking about, and we love photography. In The Loupe will have photographer profiles, work we like, work we don’t like, industry event coverage, and reports from the road. There will be interviews with industry legends, and people whose names aren’t big… yet. And we might just vent for a while.” -about In The Loupe

I had the good fortune of meeting Stella Kramer at this year’s Flash Forward Festival in Boston. We talked a bit about some of the festival topics, including self-publishing and digital media, and she mentioned an upcoming and ongoing project that would be a sort of talk show about photography. Now, In The Loupe is three episodes in and shows great potential. Kramer and Julie Grahame and Allegra Wilde host the show and offer commentary. They know what they’re talking about; between the three, they have 75 years of experience as editors, creative directors, consultants, and all the other business that makes photography reach audiences. What I like most about the series so far is that it features work by photographers I hadn’t run across yet; there’s a discussion on Jennifer Shaw’s “Hurricane Story” and an interview with police photographer John Botte about his work surrounding 9/11. As I mentioned, there are only 3 episodes so far, but the momentum is there. Check out the blog, tumblr, and vimeo for more In The Loupe TV.

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