Worth a read: Alan Chin on the 9/11 decade

Alan Chin - The 9/11 Decade - BagNews Originals

I lived on the Lower East Side, but I slept through the impacts of the planes striking the Twin Towers, and only the ringing telephone woke me up. –Alan Chin on “the 9/11 Decade”: Beyond Pushpins On A Calendar

On BagNews Originals, Alan Chin has just posted a cogent look back at his work over the past decade. The photos, as always from Chin, communicate more than they show, looking beyond individual events to a larger narrative. The text in this piece is worth a read, though, drawing direct relation between seemingly disparate events of international significance and Chin’s own life.

And while we’re on the subject of 9/11, be sure to check out Martin Parr’s excellent take on the merchandising of September 11.

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