Discussing the dark art of pricing creative work

“You can learn a lot of the business end of design and illustration by trial and error and reading articles and books, but one thing that is seemingly impossible to get a grasp on is pricing. Whether you are a student, a young designer, or a seasoned pro, pricing jobs can be one of the most frustrating parts of the creative process.” –The Dark Art of Pricing

The biggest bugaboo in photography for me (and most others, I’m sure) is the business side of things. Contracts, invoices, taxes, and pricing are all enough to make my head spin. Jessica Hische, creator of the excellent Should I Work For Free?, has just published a post on her blog called The Dark Art of Pricing, which is a no-nonsense guide for young creative types to start thinking about effective pricing of their work. Geared toward designers, much of the guidance can be abstracted to photographers. You’ve probably heard the advice before, but it’s worth repeating: don’t price by time, don’t give away your rights unless you get paid handsomely for them, etc. Well worth a read.

And if you’re really interested in these issues (and you should be if you’re trying to make a living through photography), one of my favorite resources is John Harrington’s Best Business Practices for Photographers.

Also, make sure to watch this: Fuck you, Pay me!

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