Podcast: Coventry University’s “The Photographic Mediations”

Coventry University - Photographic MediationsWhile browsing iTunesU the other day (check out Entitled Opinions if you get a chance!), I happened to notice “The Photographic Mediations” by Coventry University. There are talks by Seba Kurtis, Benjamin Chesterton of duckrabbit, and Pete Brook of Prison Photography, [those links will try to open iTunes] as well as a host of lectures from the university’s undergraduate photo course.

Unlike the bulk of podcasts related to photography, this one thankfully leaves out gear talk and gets to the meat of, for lack of a better term, the philosophy of photography. This kind of thing might be old hat to those who studied photography (I don’t know what goes on in those sorts of classrooms) but it was a treat for me to listen to. My only disappointments with the series are that it is updated so infrequently and that I didn’t know about it sooner.

If iTunes doesn’t float your boat, the podcasts also seem to be available here or here.

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