Conscientious in Print: Conversations With Photographers now available

Conversations With Photographers, vol. 1 Joerg Colberg’s Conscientious is a never-ending font of thoughtful writing about photography. The interview series there is required reading. Now, three extended interviews (updated) five interviews, three not available online, are available in a new book, Conversations With Photographers, Vol. 1: Brian Ulrich, Hellen van Meene, Christopher Anderson. Here are the original conversations with Brian Ulrich and Christopher Anderson.

At $10 delivered in the US, the book’s a steal, and it’s a great way to support writing about photography. I’ve already got my copy. But there are only 300 in the first edition, so get ’em while they’re hot!

And while you’re at it, make sure to check out the recent conversation at Conscientious with Benjamin Lowy, and get your work ready for the deadline this weekend for the 2011 Conscientious Portfolio Competition.

UPDATE: Joerg just wrote in to say that there are 5 interviews in the book. It was a bargain before, but now you get twice the deal!

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