Bill Cramer walks through contract negotiation

“I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t like my revisions. After all, it’s his job to look out for Here Media’s interests. But I decided to take him at his word that he wanted to be “as fair as possible to both parties”. So I thought if I could clearly (and calmly) articulate my concerns, I’d have a good chance of a reasonable compromise. The fact that the fee was so low made it hard for him to ask for such broad licensing.” -Bill Cramer, Bill Cramer Dissects Here Media’s Contract

I’ve been mired in contract negotiation for the past couple of days, so the issue is at the front of my mind. Bill Cramer, of Wonderful Machine (of which both Matt and I have been a part at various times), provides a wonderful, real-world example of contract negotiation. In the back and forth, he handles objectionable licensing terms with grace and manages to successfully modify the terms of the shoot to a much more reasonable licensing agreement with the magazine. It’s a useful lesson for when an email hits your inbox that reads “all rights, all media, in perpetuity.”

(via an old APhotoEditor post)

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