Miami police point gun at videographer, smash cellphone; man saves video by hiding SD card in his mouth

“Benoit, who was with his girlfriend, Ericka Davis, said police pulled him out of the car, put him face down on the pavement, guns pointed at the couples’ heads, handcuffed him, and smashed his cell phone. Then they put the smashed phone in his back pocket as he lay on the ground.

But Benoit had saved the video to his phone’s SIM card and hid the card in his mouth before the phone was smashed.” -At Gunpoint, Miami Police Threaten Videographer At Fatal Shooting, NPPA

We’ve covered states prosecuting people who’ve made video recordings of police activity before. In a new case from last week, a man used his cell phone to record video of the scene of a fatal shooting in Miami. Police officers forced him back into his car. In the latter half of the video above, a police officer can be seen pointing a gun at the man with the video camera. The man with the cell phone camera, Narces Benoit, alleges that police then forcibly removed him and his girlfriend, handcuffed them on the ground, and smashed his phone. Benoit saved the video by concealing the memory card from his camera in his mouth. The NPPA has more details, including link to recent abuse of power by police in Fort Lauderdale to restrict photography of a movie set.

Now is a good reminder to print out a copy of The Photographer’s Right.

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