Kadir van Lohuizen launches iPad app for new project

Kadir van Lohuizen - Via PanAm - iPad app

Kadir van Lohuizen, one of my favorites, has launched an iPad app for his Empas.is-funded project Via PanAm, a months-long trek exploring migration all across the Americas. Duckrabbit expresses some worry about photographers erecting paywalls around their photos. It’s a valid concern–at the price of $3.99 and an iPad, the photos will be out of reach of many, especially those in the photos themselves. Importantly, the publishing strategies at work here do not preclude other, more accessible ways of showing the pictures. There are some recent pictures from the project on the Via PanAm blog. You can also watch the project progress from the field by supporting the project through emphas.is or the iPad app, but presumably there will be other publications of the work in magazines and books or perhaps there will be exhibitions open to the public. These methods of gathering financial packing for projects before or during their creation hopefully offer photographers a way to create a financial environment that allows the production of new, long-term work.

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By the way, if you click through our link to buy the app, we get a (very) small cut of the sale. It’s a way for us to keep the lights on here at dvafoto. Thanks to those of you who have clicked through us in the past!

6 Responses to “Kadir van Lohuizen launches iPad app for new project”

  1. benjamin@duckrabbit.info

    Good post.

    Here’s the question, will publishing apps be the new form of book publishing. In that it will cost more then you get back. I think that will be the case. Seems a bit bizarre then. You can lose money making something less accessible to people. The trade off being the publicity that you might generate.

    • Jack

      Not sure what you mean by “it will cost more than you get back”.

      I’d also question the “less accessable” statement. Sure in theory a physical book can be bought by anyone, but getting them out where people can buy them is not that easy. There’s also the considerable cost of production even if it’s a POD book.

      • duckrabbitblog

        Hi Jack.

        in simple terms the cost of having an app made will cost more than the return from sales. That’s often been the case in producing books.

        I think you’ll agree that an app, for which you need an iPad is much less accessible than simply placing the work on the internet.

        So apart from the publicity what’s the benefit of producing an app?

        • Jack

          I’d like to see some figures on what percentage of photo books cover the cost of making them; I suspect it’s a very small percentage (about 1-2%?)

          I’ve been thinking of doing an app, but I will make my own instead of paying someone to do it.

          Yes, making an app for an iPad limits you to that platform, but it also makes it easier to control unauthorized copies. Any platform has its limits and costs, you have to weigh one against the other.

  2. duckrabbitblog

    Hi Jack,

    I think it’s a great idea to make an app. My point was exactly that photographers are likely to make a loss both on books or apps, though not of course if you make your own.

    The only thing you can say about unauthorised copies is that they are less likely because less people will be able to see the work. Once I have your photos on my iPad I can copy them, no problem.

    So I’m still struggling to see the benefit of an app, apart from for publicity.And right now I’d say that’s a good enough reason to do it.

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