Behind the scenes photos of old movies’ special effects

One of my favorite lazy weekend TV shows as a child was Movie Magic; it was a fascinating look at how specific special effects were achieved in well-known movies. Now making the rounds is a small selection of photos offering a peak behind the scenes of movie effects before computer generated imagery was the norm. It’s a wonderful look at the technical wizardry and illusion necessary to wow audiences. There’s even a glimpse of the photographic set up used to make the opening text crawl of Empire Strikes Back. There are pictures from The Shining, Metropolis, Requiem for a Dream, Alien, and others.

While you’re in the mood, here are some photos by a Universal Studios security guard on the set of Back to the Future and some behind-the-scenes photos of actors on the set of the final episode of Twin Peaks (and more here).

(via MeFi and here)

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