World Press Photo releases iPad app of winning images

World Press Photo 2011 available on the iPad.

Hot on the heels of Christopher Anderson’s Capitolio iPad book (Finally got a chance to look through a physical copy at Dashwood Books last week, by the way. Beautiful book.), World Press Photo has released an iPad book of this year’s winning images. It costs $4.99. Right now, the app has the 350 winning images and an interactive map of locations of the pictures, in addition to captions, photographer biographies and camera information (which seems like a weird thing to include). In the coming weeks, the app will be updated to include interviews with photographers about their images. Having finally looked at pictures on an iPad last week while using one in portfolio meetings, I can say I’m a big fan of photography on the device. I’m excited to see more and more serious photography showing up in the App Store at affordable prices.

By the way, if you click through our link to buy the app, we get a (very) little cut of the sale. It’s a way for us to keep the lights on here at dvafoto.

(via Objective Reality Foundation / Фонд Объективная Реальность on twitter)

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