Worth a look: Ljalja Kuznetsova’s Shaking the Dust of Ages

I just learned about the work of Ljalja Kuznetsova (Ляля Кузнецова) and it’s beautiful. Photographer.ru has presentations of two of her bodies of work on gypsies and Asia. Kuznetzova spent her early career as an aeronautical engineer, but took up a camera in the late 70s, eventually working for the Kazan State Art Museum and the newspaper Evening Kazan and freelancing. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and the US. Aperture published the gypsy work in 1998 with an introduction by Inge Morath, Shaking the Dust of Ages – Gypsies and Wanderers of the Central Asian Steppe, and it’s available on Amazon.

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  1. Microcord

    I haven’t seen this book, but I do have in front of me Kuznetsova’s “Gypsies: Free Spirits of the Open Steppe” (Thames & Hudson, 1998), which is surely the same thing. (Both have an introduction by Morath; the two have the same photograph on the front cover.) The T&H book would be fine, if only it were completely redesigned so each photograph were on a single page: as it is, many are disfigured by the gutter of the book.

    Or is “Shaking the Dust of Ages” different?

    If it is different, I’ll be looking for a copy; and if it’s the same, well, now that your readers know of an alternative title the book will be even easier to acquire via abebooks.com or wherever.

    Even despite its irritating layout, yes, “Gypsies” is certainly worth a look. I’ll hang on to my copy.

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