Worth a Look: Joerg Colberg interviews Nadav Kander

Joerg Colberg has posted another terrific interview with an interesting photographer in Conscientious Extended, this time “A Conversation with Nadav Kander”. Colberg previously wrote a book review about Kander’s project “Yangtze: The Long River”. There are many interesting ideas and questions brought up but I thought this reply was relevant to reprint here:

JC: I was gonna ask you something that’s related a little bit to something you said earlier. There are photojournalism and documentary photography, and we always think of those as very different from what artists do. I’ve always thought that a book like the one you did in a certain way is documentary. It’s just a different kind of documentary. Even though it is art it also informs us about a place.

NK: I think when you photograph new lands or new views with the clarity of a camera it always has a layer of documentary in it. But I think the intention of an artist needs to be away from documentary for it to fit into the art context. For it to fit into an art context it needs to reference or react to other art. I think it needs to sit well or change the direction of the mainstream. I think when you go and just document that isn’t one’s intention. That’s the main thing, the intention.

But of course, by photographing China with the clarity of the lens it of course becomes a sociological document, even though that wasn’t the intention. The intention was much more to make photographs the way I make them, which is to really go on automatic and to go with one’s feelings and let the humanness of the person making the work clearly show.

We’ve previously posted about Kander’s Yangtze Project, with a link to a ten minute video presentation of the work that is really worth a watch. The project also won the Prix Pictet in 2009.

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