Unseen Garry Winogrand Color Photographs

Photographer Nick Turpin, who I first came across through the in-public street photography site and who writes the blog 779, has just published a rare selection of 20 Garry Winogrand color photographs. The profilic street photographer is almost exclusively known for his black and white work but apparantly (like Henri Cartier-Bresson) used color photography often enough. I first came across this fact while looking through one of my favorite photo books of all time years ago, the epic “Winogrand 1964”. The cover features one of the coolest shots of all time, a color photograph from White Sands, New Mexico.

Turpin adds that a selection of Winogrand’s color photographs are being shown at the Format Photography Festival through May 8 in an exhibition curated by Joel Meyerowitz.

(via Blake Andrews)

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