Q. Sakamaki recounts fear and beatings during detainment in Egypt

“Sakamaki was returned to the group and told he was going to be arrested — “They said, ‘You know why.’”

“I said, ‘For being a journalist and taking pictures?’ They said, ‘Yes.’”

After four or five hours at the temporary police station, around midnight, they were all put onto a military bus, hands bound behind their backs with plastic handcuffs, and face down on the seats. For about 15 minutes the bus sat parked, while an angry crowed gathered around it. Sakamaki said people were shouting, “Kill them!” — and, able to see out his window a bit, he saw some once again making the ominous throat-slitting sign. The crowd became frenzied.” –East Village photog survived Egypt beating, interrogations, The Villager, 24 March 2011

Q. Sakamaki (whose work you need to see; previously featured on dvafoto) was detained while covering the recent turmoil in Cairo, Egypt. In an interview with The Villager, Sakamaki recounts savage beatings by pro-Mubarak mobs, death threats, and detention at a military jail.

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(via Andri Tambunan on Facebook)

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