Huge list of independent publishing resources

M. Scott Brauer - A press technician checks the quality of pages coming off of a press in the Amity Printing Company's new printing facility in Nanjing, China.

Ooga Booga Bookstore has compiled a huge list of independent publishing resources that can help you print a book or anything else you might want to make. Use the sidebar at the left of the site to find things like, moderately-priced printers, fast-turnaround printers, printers that can do specialized packaging, Netherlands-based printers (or many other regions), special format printers, eco-friendly printers, and many, many other businesses all over the globe that can make your project into printed reality.

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  1. Printer Resources for Independent Art Publishers

    […] print it for you. This is where this huge list of printer resources might come in handy (via). top CategoriesSelect Category500500photographersAlec SothAlyson JonesAmberAndreas GurskyAndy […]

  2. Anonymous

    NHouse Publishing is a leader in urban fiction publishing, currently selling worldwide. Independent publisher NHP is the home of today’s authors, dedicated to promoting confidence, creativity, and individuality within society, and working towards a better tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous

    Dedicated to reflecting the truth in today’s society, has been heralded as a “visionary collaboration between author and editor.” not only represents a new generation of creative and energetic editors unafraid to take new approaches to entertain readers, but also to educate and inspire authors to spin their very best tales while growing in their craft. aspires to turn good Urban Fiction into great African-American Literature.

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