Dvafoto takes part in “Mapping the Flâneur” exhibition at Format Photography Festival

All this month M. Scott Brauer and Matt Lutton, as Dvafoto, are taking part in the exhibition “Mapping the Flâneur” presented by Collectives Encounter at the Format Photography Festival in Derby, UK. It is an innovative group exhibition/installation of work submitted daily from photography collectives from around the world, and runs through April 3rd. The project features some old friends like MJR, Belgrade Raw and Wideyed (who helped arrange the project) alongside a number of other interesting collectives that we’re just getting to know. The complete list of participating groups is here.

Mapping the Flâneur from Lucy Carolan on Vimeo.

The Mapping the Flanuer Tumblr site shows a feed of all of the images in the project, which are submitted by individual photographers in the collectives relating to the common ideas of “Consuming”, “Transporting” and “Urbanising”. But the best way to see the project is to visit the exhibition, this is all about seeing real photographs alongside other real pictures. But if like us you can’t make the trip to Derby you’ll have to settle for a video showing the installation.

This is an exciting step for Dvafoto and hopefully the first in a series of collaborative photography projects between Brauer and Lutton, something we’ve been working towards slowly for many years. Thanks again to all the folks at Wideyed, Collective Encounters and the Format Photography Festival for making this project come together.

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