Christopher Anderson’s Capitolio now available on iPad and iPhone

Christopher Anderson - Capitolio for iPhone and iPad

Christopher Anderson has released his book Capitolio for iPhone or iPad. We’ve made note of the book previously, with links to reviews well worth revisiting.

I’m especially intrigued to see the reception of this digital book. Visually focused ebooks have long been beyond the reach of existing technology. Photos on a kindle leave much to be desired. The iPhone and iPad offer such a visually-rich experience that I’m surprised it took this long for the appearance of a digital photography monograph. The price for Capitolio is great at $4.99 and the nature of the medium allows for special additions to the work, including photos not in the print book and other media. In this case, there’s a 10-minute interview with Anderson by Tim Hetherington. Photobook apps likely aren’t the solution for everyone. Developing an app for Apple’s devices is cost- and labor-intensive. It’s an interesting development in the world of self-publishing, certainly.

Through the Looking Glass, a blog by Adoroma Rentals, has an interview with Anderson about how the digital book came about.

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