Announcing our new sponsor: PhotoShelter

You may have already noticed the small ad in the right sidebar from PhotoShelter. We’re excited to announce that PhotoShelter has become a sponsor of dvafoto. We’ve been approached in the past by advertisers looking to buy space or sponsored posts on the site, but have resisted doing so.

We’ve had terrific growth in our readership over the last year–so, thank you–and we’ve decided to accept advertising from selected companies in order to defray the costs of running the site. We decided to reach out to companies that we respect and that we think would be useful to our readers. Both Matt and I depend on PhotoShelter for our businesses; the service is invaluable as an online archive and lightboxing system, and we’ve both had sales (both licensing and prints) that would have been impossible without the service. We think that any photographers among our readership would benefit greatly by using PhotoShelter if they don’t already.

The sponsorship functions in three ways: the PhotoShelter ad will appear in the sidebar of this site, we will receive a small commission from any paid signups that occur through links on dvafoto, and both Matt and I will write a post about how PhotoShelter has worked for us. By taking this step, we can assure that dvafoto will continue well into the future, as well as increase the amount of original content and analysis on the site. The site will remain editorially independent.

If you’ve ever considered signing up for PhotoShelter or any other online archive and purchasing system, click on the link in our sidebar. It only costs $1 to get started on a 2-week trial. Not only will you be doing your photography business a favor, you’ll also be supporting what we do here on dvafoto.

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  1. Andrew Fingerman

    Thanks guys – we’re really excited about working together and looking forward to seeing your updates.
    Andrew & the PhotoShelter team

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