Many photographers’ best of 2010

Many friends of dvafoto have been posting their favorite/best/personal frames from 2010. Lots of great work to see. I wish facebook had a search feature, so I could find a few that have passed through my feed that aren’t in this list here. Many thanks to the good people behind apadtweets for keeping a running list of these, too. Here’s a small start:

Michael Rubenstein (at the front page of his site), Bryan Derballa, the staff of the Hartford Courant, Rich-Joseph Facun, Logan Mock Bunting, Melissa Lyttle, Matt Roth, Julia Robinson, Scott McIntyre, the staff of the Seattle Times, Chip Litherland, Benjamin Rasmussen, Sol Neelman, John Tully, Aga Luczakowska, Scott Strazzante (and parts 2, 3, 4), Elyse Butler, Daniel Etter, Jeremy M. Lange, Stephen Voss, New Yorker Photo Booth Shooter’s Choice, Luceo Images (and check out each photographer’s too), G.J. McCarthy (and he posted his worst of 2010!), Melissa Golden (still waiting on the other 3 parts!).

I know I’m missing a ton. Please send us a note or leave a comment if you’ve posted your best from 2010!

And be sure to check out Jeremy Nicholl’s excellent Photo Follies 2010 Awards.

Also, check out Fimoculous’ list of Best of 2010 lists and our coverage of previous year in review photosets: 2009, and 2008.

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  1. Matt Lutton

    Conspicuously missing of course are M Scott and my images. Apologies, I’ve had a very busy end of the year and haven’t even looked at some of the work I’ve shot lately. But like last year, I plan to have some sort of best-of up here on Dvafoto in January.

    Cheers from Kosovo, Matt

  2. Pete Carr

    You might like mine, you might not 🙂 Looking forward to browsing these best of’s.

  3. Bryan Mitchell

    Love Chip’s and Scott’s!

    Here are my favorites of 2010

  4. Clayton

    Wow, added quite a few new RSS feeds to my reader thanks to this 2010 round-up! Thanks so much for sharing.. here’s mine in case you’re still up for some more photo viewing:

  5. luka

    I’ve put up a little best of 2010 slideshow on flickr.

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