Worth a Look: Chiara Tocci’s “Life After Zog and Other Stories”

I’ve seen quite a few projects from Albania over the last couple of years, and many really disappoint me. In the western media it is a very underexposed nation. Even for my friends who live here in the Balkans, most have no idea what is happening or what life looks like in Albania. Most of what we see are regular cliches repeated. One exception would be Bevis Fusha’s project “Tyl”, which we wrote about last year. And two more projects have stood out recently: the first I can’t show you yet, it’s still in production as part of the SEE New Perspectives masterclass for Balkan photographers. I hope to write more about this masterclass and the work produced by my friends there soon, especially this project from Albania I’m alluding to, which is terrific.

Concientious then linked to a project called “Life After Zog and Other Stories” by Italian photographer Chiara Tocci. I think it is a much more honest and faithful picture of life in Northern Albania villages than I’ve seen before. The portraits of young women are especially good in the story’s context of Albania’s history of immigration and trafficking. Really beautiful pictures and an important view of this place.

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  1. Erik

    Great, great photos, thanks for the tip!

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