Worth a Look: Cesuralab photographs Berlusconi riots in Rome

Cesuralab, a photography collective in Italy who we interviewed earlier this year and friend of dvafoto, just published a terrific collaborative essay about the riots in Rome this week that erupted after Italian President Silvio Berlusconi narrowly avoided a no-confidence vote. The pictures are by Gabriele Micalizzi, Luca Santese and contributor photographer Giovanni Panizza. I’ve been talking with many Italian friends lately who are increasingly frustrated with the political and economic situation in their country and are fearing renewed social conflict and violence. It begs the question, as Cesuralab themselves title their piece, is this “The Beginning of the End”?

Though peaceful at first, the demonstration turned violent after news of the confidence vote circulated among the students and antigovernment rabble rousers, this provokes the most violent protests seen in Rome for years, by mid-afternoon, two thick columns of smoke rose from the remnants of a barricade at the entrance to the historic Piazza del Popolo. Ninety people, including 50 police, were reported injured. According to police, there were 41 arrests.

If you’re not familiar with Cesuralab be sure to look at the rest of their projects, they have an amazing crew of photographers, artists and collaborators. And their artistic director is Alex Majoli. And keep your eye out for more news coming from Cesuralab via dvafoto soon.

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