Committee to Protect Journalists’ Report on Journalists Killed in 2010

Committee to Protect Journalists - Report on Journalists Killed in 2010

The Committee to Protect Journalists has released their annual report on journalists killed due to their jobs. In 2010, 44 journalists were killed in situations confirmed to be directly related to their job, what CPJ terms “motive confirmed.” Another 4 media workers (people in roles supporting journalists, such as translators, guards, or administrative workers) were killed in 2010, and 29 journalists were killed in ways that may or may not have been related to their jobs. Of the 44 motive-confirmed deaths, 3 were photographers. Other interesting numbers: 89% of motive-confirmed deaths were local reporters, as opposed to foreign correspondents; 61% were considered murders, compared to 14% being combat-related deaths; 96% of the murders had complete impunity, while only 4% received partial justice. Interestingly, while online journalists have been jailed more frequently than print journalists in recent years, 41% of the deaths in 2010 were print journalists, compared with only 14% of the deaths involved internet journalists.

For comparison, here’s the 2009 report.

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